Our Story

Samuel Richardson was born and raised in Texas, spending most of his life in DFW. Samuel is the husband to Ashton Richardson, “The Door Knocking Queen” and is a father of two beautiful little girls. He is a Marine Corps veteran and spent 9 years on activity duty. In this time he spent 3 years as an instructor for the aviation electrician training program which gave him knowledge and value on best practices to educate on not only theoretical but practical applications of lessons taught.Samuel has an MBA in Business Administration with a major in accounting and has spent over 9 years as an accounting manager for billion-dollar corporations and privately owned companies in their real estate development and construction departments. Samuel knows real estate inside and out from his education, work experience, and investing experience. He is the expert at coming up with creative ways to solve people’s problems and making a non-deal a deal or making a deal even more profitable. In addition to running Illuminating Home Solutions, Samuel is an active member of the Texas real estate investing community. He runs DFW Mid Cities REIA, which meets monthly, and speaks at several events a year on varying real estate investing topics.

Samuel Richardson

Ashton Richardson, deemed “The Door Knocking Queen” among the DFW investing community, comes from a strong background in customer service and sales making her the ultimate Sales and Acquisition Specialist. Ashton is an expert in the art of sales and is able to educate on what to say on the phone or at the door, how to negotiate and handle objections, and how to get houses under contract. Her elegant yet fierce personality contributes to her strong ability to take down deals and leave her clients feeling well taken care of. You will find Ashton, alongside her husband, monthly at DFW Mid Cities REIA.

Ashton Richardon